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We serve our customers with white-label blockchain solutions to help them achieve sustainable growth in their bussiness.

Skyach – is one of the biggest and high-rated cryptocurrency exchange software development companies. We offer solutions to entrepreneurs and start-up owners who need a cryptocurrency exchange platform to start and run a trading platform in their market.

– Focus on using and integrating the strength of the new Blockchain technologies like smart contracts and distributed ledger to create powerful and smartly designed crypto applications. We provide a White Label Exchange platform that can be centralized, decentralized (P2P), feature smart wallets and tokens.

– We maintain a simple approach that offers you the flexibility to build, deploy, and launch your cryptocurrency exchange from start-up to pro-grade.

– We offer you high-performance and potent market facilities like liquidity trading, market creation, market build-up, seamlessly integrating other vibrant markets into your own.


Blockchain Offerings Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

Take advantage of Blockchain Services to ensure a prosperous financial future.


Development of a White Label Exchange

Through our ascendable and personalized white-label exchange, you can provide your clients a well-designed trading platform backed by a powerful trading system, multi-layered security, fast transaction per second (TPS) and liquidity, a self-described management interface, and an user panel. Our services are ingeniously designed to address the requirements of centralized, decentralized, and peer-to-peer exchange development.


Development of a White Label Wallet

Our multi-currency, semi-HD wallet safeguards a wide range of digital assets. It’s a turnkey solution that gives an extra layer of protection to any exchange it’s linked to or is frequently used as a standalone software. Two-factor authentication, multi-sig support, and biometric identification are all industry-approved security features.


Providing Tokens for Protection

To increase finances swiftly and securely, link your tokens to business fundamentals and proven legal frameworks. Using market-leading platforms like Stellar, Neo, and Hyperledger, our blockchain solutions development company sets the standard in developing a variety of tokens such as equity tokens, debt tokens, and reserve asset tokens. Our professionals search for SEC laws that support various areas of the world.


Development of Peer-to-Peer Platforms

With a simple interface, our peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange provides end-users with a secured, innovative, and unique trading environment. The transaction is complete once the seller verifies receipt of funds in the amount of the cryptocurrency assets being sold. The customer receives the crypto assets through the Escrow system, which acts as a mediator.


The Evolution of Stablecoins

Increase the value of your assets and help to stabilize the turbulent cryptocurrency market. Our blockchain development company specializes in creating unique stable coins that are interoperable with any exchange platform that supports stable coin trading. Your stable coin path is guided by a set of programmes, including stable coin development, consultation, branding, and the creation of whitepapers.


Consultation on Blockchain

Skyach’s consultation helps companies to achieve better business results by utilizing the world’s most complete collection of blockchain technology research, information, and technologies. Through professional advice and support from our intellectual specialists, our blockchain development business in India can help you to achieve a road map to success.


MLM Software Development Utilizing Blockchain

Through our blockchain-based MLM platform development solutions, you may enjoy the next wave of Multi-level Marketing (MLM). We provide white label smart contract-based MLM software, which is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and is entirely decentralized, transparent, secured, and automated. Damage-proof computations are performed by the irreversible smart contract, which also simplifies transactions. Give your customers the assurance they really have to join an MLM program.


Cryptocurrency Coin Creation

Leverage Skyach’s smart coin creation services to help your company flourish by adopting digital transactions. Our worldwide team of professionals collaborates with each client to develop smart strategies based on powerful use cases and execution. From concept through coin development to launch and marketing, we have real-world experience creating complete products for our clients in a number of industries.


Development of Smart Contracts

Through a reasonable contract, you can automate your procedures, transactions, and agreements while also boosting security and reducing expenses. Smart-contract design, development, auditing, and optimization are all part of our comprehensive services. The smart contract development process is powered by industry-leading platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS.


Development and Marketing of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

From token generation and smart contract development to website design and whitepaper creation, Skyach is with you at every step of the process. We offer ICO marketing services including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and content marketing. To assist you in achieving your goals, we design our marketing campaigns around your potential clients.


Development of a Binance-like Exchange

Binance, one of the three leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has experienced rapid since around in 2017; in 2018, it earned $446 million profit. We provide a crypto exchange platform similar to Binance at Skyach so that you can benefit from the exchange’s most well-known features, such as user-friendly UI, fast TPS, liquidity.


Development of a peer-to-peer lending platform

Through your P2P crypto lending platform, you may reach out to the world’s 3 billion unbanked people. Our blockchain development company in India provides a white label P2P lending solution with market-leading technologies that can be promptly implemented and launched on the market under your brand name. Whether you need an automated platform with a powerful matching engine or just a trading marketplace, we will assist you.


Over-the-Counter Trading

By incorporating OTC trading into your crypto exchange, you can take advantage of the opportunity to increase your income. Reduce lapses and provide liquidity to your exchange users while allowing them to securely swap huge sums of Bitcoin. Skyach’s OTC trading module, which is equipped with top rank industrial capabilities and various security layers which enables buyers and sellers to conduct direct transactions.


Trading on the Margin

A margin trading exchange allows traders to borrow a certain amount of money to expand the dimensions of their orders, maximizing the reward from profitable deals. Increase your users’ ability to profit from price fluctuations by adding margin trading to your exchange. Your clients can go long or short on various cryptocurrencies by up to 100 times using our powerful trading engine.


Derivatives Trading

To allow your users to speculate on market positions while reducing risk, add derivatives trading to your crypto exchange. Skyach’s customized solutions integrate with your business and help you achieve your goals by combining your exchange with Futures Contracts and Perpetual Contracts. If you provide extensive margin trading options, you’re more likely to attract more customers.

Our Blockchain Technical expertise

To design successful enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that have an impact, we leverage the power of multiple Blockchain platforms.












Open chain

Azure Blockchain



Procedure based on design thinking

Your plan for making the most of the Blockchain opportunity.


Assess Blockchain Opportunities
and Create a Sample

Build equitable samples and evaluate blockchain possibilities using our Design Technology-based evaluation approach.


Test a blockchain use case and
evaluate the solution

Proposed blockchain use cases should be brainstormed, designed, and implemented. Test with a business client and evaluate the final result.


Accomplish blockchain solution
and evaluate it

On the specified platform, implement the blockchain solution with technology and process standard limitations. Efficiency, security, design, and adaptability should all be tested.


Collaborate with others and
build a network

Take partner systems on board and connect them to the blockchain network. Consensus and management systems should be developed.


Design and implement a blockchain

Implement a blockchain solution over the network that has been set up. Updates and modifications should only be done with user’s approval.


Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for International Business transactions

Companies that are adopting the new revolution of digital marketing


Public blockchain, private blockchain, and hybrid blockchain are the three basic types of blockchain. A public blockchain is an open network from which data can be accessed freely, whereas a private blockchain is a permissioned network from which data may only be accessed by users who have joined the network. A hybrid blockchain is a combination of the two.
It’s a blockchain-enabled network that uses a distributed network approach to reach consensus over unknown nodes. POS and POW are the most often used consensus algorithms.
Blockchain is a digital technology that functions as a database. It’s immutable, which means the information can’t be changed once it’s been entered. Customers maintain complete anonymity, and the blockchain prevents double-spending.
Blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer network of cryptographic techniques that ensures transaction integrity and protects them from harmful third-party activity.
Faster transaction settlement, improved transparency, security, and transaction traceability are all advantages of blockchain technology. It also enhances transaction efficiency, which keeps costs down.

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