Development of Margin Trading Exchange

Get ready to make a mark in the crypto market with Skyach’s secure margin trading exchange software!

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Strengthen Your Revenue by Deploying a Margin Trading Crypto Exchange

One of the leading trends in the crypto market, Margin trading lets you borrow funds to increase likely returns when you are selling or buying cryptocurrency. Traders can take advantage of amplified buying/selling power and open positions that are bigger than their initial account balance.

Let’s say a trader with 5 BTC account balance wishes to trade with 10X leverage, then he or she can open a position that is worth 50 BTC. So, in case of favorable market conditions, he or she can gain profits that are ten-fold. Owing to this aspect of increased earnings, margin trading has emerged as a preferred choice for crypto traders. You as crypto exchange owner can integrate your crypto exchange with margin trading to attract more users.

Skyach’s leverage and margin trading exchange development allow your users to go long or short on several cryptocurrencies. Our institutional-grade security and strong trading engine leads to speedy and secure transactions. So, come aboard as you start your leverage and margin trading exchange development journey with Skyach!

Launch a Margin Trading Crypto Exchange to Enhance Your Revenue

You can create the following revenue streams with our crypto leverage trading exchange:

Enhanced Returns

Both exchange owners and traders get to benefit from Margin trading. For traders, it is an opportunity to maximize their profits with a minimum amount. The exchange owners benefit from the chance to increase their returns via transaction fees.

New Income Stream

Crypto exchange platforms can bring their unutilized funds into play and allow traders to leverage. This will in turn bring in steady returns.

Increased Earnings and Users

Traders love to speculate in hopes of making big profits. With leverage trading a crypto exchange can attract more users, thereby leading to more earnings for exchange owners.

Margin Trading Crypto Exchange Features

Our margin trading crypto exchange is fortified with the following features to deliver world-class performance.

High leverage

Give your users the power to enhance their buying or selling with multifold leveraging.

Multiple layers of security

Security features such as two-factor authentication and SSL implementation promise valid user access.

Robust trading engine

We give you unparalleled speed and reliability to strengthen your exchange performance.

Strong Admin Panel

Monitor user activities and transactions that occur on the platform.

Multi-currency Wallet

Our exchange is integrated with multi-currency wallet for safe and enhanced transactions for a number of cryptocurrencies.

Cutting-edge Order Types

Advanced trading order types like copy trading, market order, and more are integrated in our exchange.

Margin Trading Exchange Security Practices

Cutting-edge features enhance the security of our Bitcoin and crypto margin trading exchange.

  • Wallet Securityfeaturing multi-signature withdrawal
  • System Securityfeaturing multi-level authentication
  • Communication Securityfeaturing high-level encryption

Leverage and Margin Trading Exchange Risk Management

Thanks to high-level risk management features, Skyach leverage and margin trading software protects traders and exchange owners from losses.

Auto Deleveraging

As soon as the mark price reaches the bankruptcy price, it automatically liquidates the position of the trader.

Stop Loss/Take Profit

As traders can automatically exit the market when it suits them, they can fix floor and ceiling values for an order.

Partial Close Orders

Your users continue to gain from bullish trends as they can partially close their orders to take their profits.

Insurance Funds

Traders guard their funds against auto deleveraging even if their positions fall under the maintenance margin amount.


It utilizes a peer-to-peer network of consensus algorithm and this results in dependable transactions that are guarded against third party malicious activities.
A blockchain-enabled network that lets you gain consensus over unknown nodes through a distributed network system. For instance, POW and POS.
Blockchain can be understood as a structured database over a decentralized ledger technology. Its immutable nature ensures that data cannot be tampered with, once it has been entered. Furthermore, users enjoy complete anonymity. Moreover, blockchain also takes care of the issue of double spending.
It is the minimum amount of margin help by a crypto exchange when a trader opens a trade or places an order.

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