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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange –

A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange

A P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange uses the fundamental principle of blockchain technology, decentralisation, to conduct transactions without the intervention of a central authority when linking buyers and sellers directly. To ensure secure transactions, the platform is operated by a smart contract-based Escrow system.

Recognize the Potential of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading

With our mission-driven approach to developing P2P exchange applications, you can tap into the emerging peer-to-peer trading network.

To deliver an environment of confidence, our highly unified teams align development processes with your priorities. We use our deep domain knowledge and technology-agnostic approach to create a logical roadmap that guides the growth of your P2P exchange platform while reducing time-to-market.

Features of a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange


Exceptional Matching Engine

The cryptocurrency exchange is equipped with a high-speed engine that effectively matches buyers’ and sellers’ orders with the least amount of latency possible. It has built-in order forms for buy and sell orders, which are one of the trading system’s cornerstones.


Security with multiple layers

Our peer-to-peer exchange is equipped with industry-leading security features such as SSL implementation and two-factor authentication, such as e-mail authentication and Google authentication, which provide an additional layer of protection to the network.


Real-time KYC and AML verification

An easy-to-use identity authentication framework improves the KYC process while still adhering to the proper protocol. This establishes a legal and authenticated user base (Buyers and Sellers).


Escrow System

Trading between platform users is facilitated by a stable and efficient smart contract-based escrow system.


Atomic Swap

A peer-to-peer swap implies transactions between trusted users without the need for a central authority. Atomic swaps are based on the fact that contracts either complete or expire, minimising the risk of a lawsuit in the event of a contract violation.


Dispute Management

The resolution of disputes is made easier with a good conflict management system. Complete information about the users’ transaction history and bank statements aid the Admin’s decision-making in dispute resolution.


Preferred trader selection

Buyers can choose their favourite sellers, and sellers can choose their preferred buyers, for a more secure and trusted trading experience.


Admin Panel

Smooth controls underpin a stable admin panel for efficient management of sensitive elements like the escrow system and dispute resolution.


Multi-language Support

Your P2P exchange will have global visibility thanks to multilingual help. The platform’s user interface is optimised for left-to-right and right-to-left languages.

How Does a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

  • Users (Buyers and Sellers) create an account on a P2P trading site
  • Users are subjected to a KYC verification process
  • The buyer places a buy order
  • A wallet address is produced for the buyer
  • The matching engine matches the buyer with the right seller
  • The buyer and seller confirm and agree on the trade terms
  • Seller’s crypto assets are held in smart contract-based Escrow
  • Buyer pays for crypto assets to be bought
  • Seller confirms payment
  • Escrow releases crypto assets and sends them to Buyer’s wallet address
  • Buyer can transfer the assets to a cold wallet

The Process of Creating a Peer-to-Peer Exchange

  • Gathering and Planning Requirements

    Create a strategic plan for peer-to-peer sharing creation to incubate an application that aligns with your priorities by gaining a thorough understanding of your business goals.

  • Build the Solution

    Design and architect a P2P solution on the chosen platform, taking into account technology and process requirements as well as critical aspects such as UI/UX security, smart contracts, and legal policies.

  • Listing of coins and tokens

    On the exchange, make a list of the coins or tokens that are needed.

  • Evaluate and strengthen

    Test the exchange for the appropriate efficiency and usability, and make the necessary changes.

  • Deliver

    Integrate a P2P solution into your IT ecosystem with the help of our dedicated blockchain team. It is permissible to make changes and modifications.

Advantages of our Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchange Software


High-level protection for institutions


Transactions that move at breakneck pace


An easy-to-understand user interface


The capacity to grow


Short time to market


Designed by blockchain professionals


A peer-to-peer exchange is based on the decentralisation principle of blockchain. It helps buyers and sellers to conduct business without the intervention of a third party.
Users benefit from enhanced privacy and security because a P2P exchange does not involve a third party. This is why most people choose to transact on a peer-to-peer platform. If more people prefer P2P trading, platform owners would have more revenue-generating opportunities.
The cost of production is determined by the features you choose to include in your exchange. However, the cost and time needed to create a white label exchange are significantly lower than those required to build a custom exchange from the ground up.
P2P sharing sites are more dependable because they do not rely on third parties. P2P crypto exchanges take up a lot of slack in the system and pave the way for the next wave of adoption in this space, while centralised exchanges must adhere to strict regulations and have high operating overheads and transaction fees.

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