Peer-to-Peer Crypto Lending Software Development


In 2021, market lending is expected to reach a staggering $290 billion

You can get into the billion-dollar business right now with a white label lending platform.

Create a white-label peer-to-peer lending platform

The confluence of new technologies, the introduction of creative lending models, and changing consumer behavior have spurred the evolution and proliferation of peer-to-peer or P2P crypto lending software. P2P lending software is raking in big bucks for a lot of other crypto fans all across the world. The fact that 3 billion individuals globally are unbanked, as stated by the World Bank, is driving most enterprises and entrepreneurs to enter the P2P lending sector. Furthermore, many people are unable to obtain credit because of their poor credit. Building a P2P lending platform can be a way to take advantage of these people’s lack of access to financial institutions by offering them with a modern P2P lending market to meet their borrowing or lending needs.

Skyach software solutions can help you reach out to the world’s 3 billion unbanked people by developing P2P lending software. We offer a white label P2P lending platform with industry-leading features that can be quickly built and launched under your brand name. Through mission-driven peer to peer lending software development, we can provide you with an automated platform with a strong matching engine or simply a lending marketplace. Our turnkey solution can assist crypto companies like yours in realizing their aim of establishing a P2P crypto lending platform.

The following are some of the features of our White Label P2P Lending Software

Our rigorous research and design thinking-driven approach to P2P lending software development resulted in a unique roadmap for the development of our P2P white label lending software, which includes the features listed below.

Multi-layer protection

To achieve further login security and encrypted user access, we deploy industry-leading security solutions including SSL implementation and two-factor authentication (2FA).


Geography-based KYC and AML verification methods validate customers’ identification and come into effect when bitcoins worth a certain amount or more are withdrawn.

Security System

A safe, smart-contract-based Escrow system automates the locking and releasing of users’ crypto assets, resulting in instant and transparent transactions.

This Is an Incredibly Hot Wallet

A multi-cryptocurrency, encrypted hot wallet enables for secure storing and speedy transfers of a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Calculation of the LVR

The calculation of the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) aids risk assessment, helping your users to make well-informed decisions when borrowing and lending money.

Interest Calculation with Flexibility

According to your company model, you can compute the interest rate on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis with the flexible interest calculation.


After successfully repaying the current loan’s interest, the refinance option allows your platform customers (Borrowers) to use their current loan amount to obtain another loan from another lender.

Automatic Loan Renewal

It eliminates the need to manually enter a lending order into the order book, allowing the process to go more quickly. The auto-renewal feature can be turned on and off according to the demands of your users (Lenders).

Admin Panel

A Bank in Itself Powered by FinTech KPIs like Financial KPI, Order Book KPI, Loan Profile KPI, and User Startup KPI, the Admin Panel allows you to track and measure transactions within the ecosystem.

The Security Features of Our Peer to Peer Lending Software

Data Encryption

Data encryption safeguards users’ credentials as well as any sensitive information contained in the database.

Encryption with JWT

JWT (JSON Web Token) encryption provides protection against data alteration.

DoS protection

Protects our white label P2P lending platform from massive queries to the server.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

It protects the P2P crypto loan exchange from many sources of excessive traffic.

Anti-SQL Injection Protection

Defends the lending platform against an attacker’s maliciously generated inputs.

Self-XSS Protection

Protects users’ accounts from unauthorized access, hence boosting the security paradigm.

SSRF (Server-Side Request Forgery) Protection

Protects against SSRF attacks in which the attacker makes or controls requests from the vulnerable server.

Pollution Protection for HTTP Parameters

Prevents attacks that use an HTTP request to obtain and recover concealed data.

Avoiding Multiple Logins with the Same Credentials

Users are only allowed to log in on one machine or browser at a time, ensuring that they are authenticated.

Our Admin Panel has the following features


Data -Extensive Dashboard

Provides a high-level summary of:
  • Active and registered users
  • KYC petitions that are pending and those that have been approved
  • Escrow account
  • Total Loan and interest
  • Total cryptocurrency balance


Order and Funds Management

It contains the following items:
  • Orders to borrow and lend are listed here
  • History of deposits and trades
  • History of withdrawals


Lending Administration

It consists of the following items:
  • Finance KPIs
  • History of KPI Bids
  • Provides background information
  • Management of Fees


Reporting in Real Time

The following reports can be created based on the set KPIs:
  • Report on the financial situation
  • Report on the market
  • Report on profit and revenue


You have the option of using a white label solution or creating a custom P2P lending platform from scratch if you want to develop a P2P lending platform. When compared to establishing a platform from the bottom up, white label development takes less time and money.
The P2P crypto lending market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 50.2 percent to USD 589.05 billion by 2025. Those that act now will be able to take advantage of new revenue streams.
The budget will be determined by the features you wish to incorporate into the platform.
A white label P2P lending solution is the best alternative for you if you want to save money and time on development. However, if you require a custom platform with specific functionality and cost and time are not constraints, it is preferable to have your platform built from the ground up.
To begin developing a bitcoin lending platform, you must first define your company concept. Choose the features you require for your platform and work with a reputable development firm.

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