The Ultimate guide to security Token Exchange Development

Tap Into the Trillion Dollar Security Token Market with Your Own Security Exchange on a Budget.


Platform Development for Security Token Exchanges

Security tokens are changing the way people raise money. Safety tokens are paving the way for legal fundraising by achieving huge popularity, quick momentum, and widespread acceptance. The growing demand for security tokens requires the development of a security token exchange platform where these tokens can be traded.

A security token exchange is governed as a broker-dealer by the Alternative Trading System (ATS). An ATS is an electronic trading system that links buyers and sellers of securities.

We are a reliable security token exchange development company because of our experience in technology, IT management, and blockchain. From design and functionality to security, efficiency, and SEC enforcement, our expert technicians of blockchain developers can handle any aspect of STO exchange growth. The implementation phase is sped up thanks to our well-thought-out plan and strategically aligned activities. Drive your STO exchange production with Skyach software Solutions to enjoy the benefits of an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay competitive.

Amazing Features of Our Security Token Exchange

Our STO exchange platform is fortified with the following features to ensure world-class security and user experience.


Incredible Matching Engine

We offer the most advanced security token exchange network, complete with a powerful matching engine that quickly matches buy and sell orders. Different types of orders, such as business, cap, and stop orders, are supported by our engine.


Hot Wallet

We pair our protection token exchange with a powerful multi-crypto hot wallet that includes market-leading security features including multi-signature support, safe storage, and seamless transactions for all cryptocurrencies.


Security with multiple layers

Advanced security solutions such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, SSL encryption, HTTP authentication, anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and more are used to improve each security token offering exchange.


Integration of a Payment Gateway

Our protection token exchange includes a payment gateway that allows users to buy and sell tokens with fiat currencies using credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods. This helps to have a world-class user experience.


External API Exchange

To achieve high liquidity for your trade, we build a stable API link to an external security token exchange network. The amount deposited in the external exchange’s account determines liquidity.


Transactions in Multiple Currencies

We have a flexible security token exchange platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate several cryptocurrencies according to your company requirements. Moreover, the exchange accepts a wide range of fiat currencies.


Support for several languages

Your STO exchange platform’s global scope is widened thanks to multilingual support. English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, and other world languages can be easily incorporated into the exchange.


Verification of KYC and AML

Focused on where you are as followed correctly, KYC helps in the verification of a user’s identity. Your authentication token exchange will only be accessible to legitimate and authenticated users.


Escrow System

Direct trading between users is possible thanks to a stable, trusted smart contract-based Escrow system. It streamlines and automates the online payment process.

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A 99.9% Uptime

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Ongoing support

to help you re-energize your company for long-term success.

A Modular Architecture

ensures the exchange’s scalability.


features for unrivalled security and efficiency.


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Design Thinking Driven Solutions

to assist you in achieving your objectives.


STO trading platforms enable traders to buy and sell security tokens. These networks cover both primary and secondary markets. The primary market also offers services including STO exchange issuance, hybrid issuance, and a trading platform.
A broker-dealer is a company that buys, sells, and distributes security tokens. The dealers begin the sale process on behalf of brokerage firms. The buyers buy and sell shares on behalf of their clients. The broker-dealer part assists in the provision of liquidity to the security token market.
Security tokens are already gaining traction in the industry in the early stage. – Access to foreign markets – Trading 24/7 – Automated compliance – Properties and shares with programmability – Shared ownership, among other things.

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