Development of Security Tokens


Fundraising’s future has arrived. Through protection token offerings, you can accelerate the funding of your project.

Skyach software solutions provide strategic consultancy and forward-thinking security token production services to fuel the future of legal fundraising. Your rough concept is honed into a flawless solution that allows for market penetration and interaction with potential investors. Our mission-driven strategy, which is based on our technological strengths, results in positive market outcomes that can be nurtured.

Different categories of STO development services

Tokens of equity

With our design thinking-driven approach to equity token production, you can maximise your fundraising opportunities.

Tokenized Assets

Asset tokenization will help you ride the STO (Security Token Offering) market’s growth wave and capitalise on related market opportunities.

Tokens for Debt

Tokenize debt instruments and attract more investors by leveraging our peer-driven, result-oriented approach.

Asset Tokenization Forms


Commercial real estate

Grow your company by tokenizing real estate assets and making them available to investors all over the world through the internet.


Art Tokenize

Art Tokenize art pieces and scale your capabilities to meet the strategy and requirements of your company.


Funds for Venture Capital

Use the key to tokenize venture capital funds and gain access to more funding options.


Exclusive Products

Bring in more investors by backing the tokens with collectible cars, coins, and jewellery.


Asset with Low Liquidity

Tokenize illiquid assets in order to turn them to cash without losing any value.


Mining Repository

Tokenize assets such as gold, silver, and green energy to enter the future of commodities.

A security token that provides services


Creation of Security Token Offerings

Skyach’s security token creation path is driven by a logical roadmap that helps you build a strategic plan. To help you derive business value from your concept, we use the best methods, practises, and services based on your business goals. All critical aspects of STO, such as SEC regulations and smart contract growth, are meticulously handled.


Platform Development for Security Token Exchanges

Our security token development company takes an end-to-end programmatic approach to build a safe, SEC-compliant exchange with features including modular architecture, a powerful trade engine, high liquidity, and smart contract integration. Members of our tight-knit teams help you grow your business by speeding up deployments and aligning activities with your goals.


STO Promotions

To remain ahead of the rivalry, use our multichannel marketing strategy to cut through the noise. Our fact-based advice and in-depth knowledge of the dynamic STO industry enable you to take advantage of the best business opportunities. The right marketing platforms and effective communications command investors’ attention and affect their attitudes and behaviours.


Development of Tokenized Asset Offerings

Hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing through the blockchain as a result of asset tokenization. Use our strategy-driven approach to lay the groundwork for digital business transformation.

Security Token Offering Services Security Token Offering Services


Equity that can be programmed


security token offering services


Liquidity increase


Compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is now automated


Keep your wallet secure


Economic investment on a global scale


Improvements in business performance


There are no middlemen


Customized blockchain


Smart contracts tailored to your needs on the blockchain

The advantages of developing security tokens

  • Regular dividends are those that are paid out on a regular basis.
  • Profit-sharing independence
  • The growth of funds
  • Right to vote
  • Purchase equality once more
  • Choosing a particular mutual fund to invest in


After completing AML and KYC, any business or entity can participate in STO, which is close to, quicker, and simpler than opening a bank account or creating an account on a stock exchange. According to Swiss law, FAFT, and EU AML rules, the security features and due diligence tests are of the highest quality. Both of these regulatory services are provided by us.
It takes about three months because there are so many steps, such as: 1. Creating a whitepaper 2. Creation of Smart Contracts 3. Prior to the STO 4. Launch of a security token offering (STO) for accredited token investors 5. Evaluation 6. Installation
Some of the factors that determine the cost of STO development include whitepaper writing, smart contract development, token formation, security features, STO dashboard, branding campaign, and token issuance.
The procedure of Setting up a STO is more complex than setting up an ICO. This is due to the fact that STOs must adhere to the security agencies’ regulations. Despite the fact that the procedure takes longer, the regulatory scrutiny is well worth it.
STO creation is the best choice for any company that wants to raise money for its venture but does not have a suitable forum for utility tokens. STO has a number of market advantages, including: 1. Lower entry barriers to the market 2. Increased adaptability 3. More opportunities for attracting investors 4. Expanded fundraising options

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