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  • 100,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second)
  • Low-Latency
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Architecture that can be scaled
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White Label Crypto Exchange Development Services

A market-ready platform, white label exchange offers you a ready-to-launch back-end, along with an easy-to-customize front-end. It fast-tracks deployment while minimizing the cost of development. These factors aid businesses to make the most of the white label solution for a swift launch of their exchange platforms.

Start-ups and enterprises benefit from Skyach Solutions during the entire crypto exchange development process. In just a week’s time, you can launch your crypto exchange, thanks to our white label crypto exchange development solution. Strong infrastructure and high-grade security are at the heart our white label exchange platform that ensures authenticated transactions that are speedy and secure. Furthermore, we are also specialists in producing a customized crypto exchange from the ground up.

Come aboard Skyach’s crypto exchange development company to deploy your crypto exchange.
Our goal-driven and tech-based solutions are here to cater to your requirements.

The Glimpse of White Label Exchange Software

To provide world-class performance, our white label bitcoin exchange is equipped with the following characteristics.


The presence of a large number of TPS (Transactions per second)

The presence of a large number of TPS (Transactions per second)

The better the trading experience, the greater the TPS. Our white label exchange technology is extremely fast, capable of handling 100,000 transactions per second.


A dependable trading platform

A dependable trading platform

The powerful trading engine matches buy and sell orders with minimal latency. Designed order types include limit order, stop orders, and market orders.


A wallet with multiple currencies

A wallet with multiple currencies

The multi-cryptocurrency account (multi-signature and secured hot wallet) allows for secure cryptocurrency storage and transactions.


High Security with multiple layers

High Security with multiple layers

SSL installation and two-factor identification are advanced security technologies that provide enhanced login security, encrypted customer accessibility, and automated fund withdrawal restrictions.


Liquidity Alternative

Liquidity Alternative

When a buyer is unable to find the right selling, a secure API connection with other exchanges can help achieve liquidity.


Support for both crypto and fiat currencies

Support for both crypto and fiat currencies

Several currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies, are supported by our white label exchange. The exchange’s scalable systems allow for the incorporation of any currency.


Verification and AML

Verification and AML

When removing a large amount of cryptocurrencies from the exchange’s hot wallet, geography-based Transaction takes place for user identification verification.


Bonus and Referrals Program

Bonus and Referrals Program

The precisely developed referral and incentive programme feature enables users to receive rewards or incentives in an efficient way.


Assistance for several languages

Assistance for several languages

The bitcoin exchange’s global reach is boosted by its multilingual assistance. The system’s interface is optimized for conservative and liberal languages.


Automated Trading

Automated Trading

Even when the users are not available to trade, the smart bot acquires market opportunities and trades assets around the clock.


Innovative Charting Software

Innovative Charting Software

Customers can view transactions, positions, and annotate their trading strategy using a graphical trading experience with rich tracking features.




Customers can stake their crypto assets to receive substantial staking returns on top of their crypto investments, which can allow them to grow even more by compounding future benefits.

An Insight into our White Label Crypto Exchange

How your business benefits if you opt for Skyach’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Market readiness
Lessened cost of development
Simple customization
Promote as your own
Zero need for technical expertise
Tested and proven platform

Features of Our Software Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies


Client App Dashboard

  • Trading in cryptocurrency
  • Order book to track buy-sell prices of crypto assets on the exchange
  • Check hot wallet balance of crypto and fiat currencies
  • Check open orders
  • 24-hour history of the order
  • Observe real-time prices filtered by time period


Administration Dashboard

  • Provides an overview of information, as well as buy-sell, send-receive, and customer transactions.
  • Provides a real-time view of cryptocurrency and exchange transactions that is time-filtered.
  • Shows the user’s details as well as the status of their documents.
  • Shows the transaction ID, time stamp, amount, and description.
  • Shows the transaction ID, sender or receiver details such as email ID, description, and timing.


Requisition Book

  • Displays transactions awaiting Admin approval
  • Displays multiple cryptocurrency balances at a given instance
  • Provides an overview of cryptocurrency node balances for various cryptocurrencies
  • Gives a summary of the bid and ask tables, including the bid ID, amount, and quantity.


Our assistance includes

  • facility maintenance
  • production support
  • Upgrades
  • Security Updates

What Sets Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Apart


Margin Trading

When you make use of borrowed funds to leverage a trade, it opens a bigger position using smaller amount of funds. This is called Margin trading. When traders integrate an exchange with margin trading, they can borrow a particular volume of funds to enhance their order-size. This eventually results in maximum fruits from profitable trades.

Skyach gives you a margin trading exchange, together with strong process of risk management. This lets your users increase their profit from market swings. Your users can go short or long on several cryptocurrencies by up to multiple times with our advanced trading engine.

Main features:

  • Leverage (100:1)
  • Management of risk
  • Professional trading interface
  • Cutting-edge order types
  • Strong Admin Panel
  • Free structure
  • Multiple layers of security

Futures Contract

An agreement involving sellers and buyers to sell or buy assets at a future date for a fixed price is the basic definition of futures contracts (or Futures). They help traders gain leverage as they hedge other investments or lock-in gains while trading in the unpredictable crypto market.

Strengthen your crypto exchange with futures contracts so that your users can contemplate on the market position and minimize risks.

Main features:

  • Long-Short contracts
  • Management of risk
  • Position holding
  • High liquidity and tight spreads
  • Low latency and high throughout
  • Speedy time-to-market

Perpetual Contracts

What differentiates futures contracts and perpetual contracts, is the fact that the latter have no obligation to buy or sell an asset on a fixed date in the future. You can simple buy a contract if you believe it will reap you profits and sell if you feel the price of the asset will drop.

Your cryptocurrency exchange will get reinforced with perpetual contracts and your users will benefit from cutting-edge trading options and be a leader in the highly-competitive crypto market.

Main features:

  • Centralized
  • Trustworthy and Stable
  • High TPS
  • Powerful management of risk

Copy Trading

Copy Trading makes things easy for those who are new to investing as it lets you mimic the trades of professional traders and gain from their strategies.

Main features:

  • Multi-portfolio creation
  • Analysis of portfolio
  • Daily revenue calculation
  • Support for more than 200 trading pairs
  • Extended charts and tables

Spot Trading

Spot Trading is what catapulted Binance in the crypto market. You can follow that model with our spot trading options. Let our knowledgeable blockchain engineers bring-in a strong spot trading module into your cryptocurrency exchange This will allow the users of your platform to open and close orders instantaneously. Our ecosystem comes reinforced with multi-currency wallet. This further aids in safe storage of cryptocurrencies, comfortable deposits and withdrawals, institutional-grade security, low-latency transactions, and more.

Main features:

  • High TPS
  • Instant transactions
  • Location-based KYC verification
  • High liquidity options
  • Supported orders: Limit, Market, Stop Loss

OTC (Over-The-Counter) Trading

Integrate OTC trading into your crypto exchange to increase your revenue. You will also be able to do away with slippage and will be able to offer liquidity to your exchange users as you empower them to anonymously exchange huge amount of cryptocurrency. Go for our OTC trading module that allows for direct trades speedily.

Main features:

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Escrow system that is contract-based
  • Manageable Fees
  • Support for P2P payments
  • High-grade security
  • Easy submission of Ad/Offer
  • Strong system of dispute management
  • Support for high-volume trades

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

To aid you in the adoption of cryptocurrency, we offer the below-mentioned services through our cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform development company.


White Label
Bitcoin Exchange Software

Our scalable and customized white label crypto exchange boasts features like multi-layer security, Hight TPS, client dashboard, and much more to offer your users a smart trading platform. Opt for our cost-efficient white label cryptocurrency exchange software to cut down on your development and deployment time. We deliver the software in mere 3 weeks so that you quickly enter the crypto market.


Development of White Label
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Securely store your wide range of crypto assets through Skyach semi-HD as it acts as an additional safety layer for an exchange that it is connected to, or can be leveraged as a unconnected app. Aspects such as multi-signature support, two-factor authentication, and biometric authentication further help to fortify your wallet.


Development of Security Token Exchange

You can trust Skyach completely to be your security token exchange development company. We are equipped to deal with all STO exchange platform development related aspects. From design to functionality, user experience to security, scalability to performance pertaining, we help you build a lucid roadmap with strategically aligned activities.


Development of Peer-to-Peer

Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange not only offers a trading environment that is interactive, secure, and flexible, but also one that provides intuitive interface for end users. Only after the seller confirms that the money equivalent to the value of crypto assets has been received, do the transactions get processed. Next, our Escrow system releases the crypto assets to the buyer to make sure that the trading experience is secure.


Development of Stablecoin

Peg your assets to steady the unstable cryptocurrency ecosystem. With our blockchain development company, you can benefit from custom development of stablecoins that works with all exchange platforms that support stablecoin trading. Features like marketing, whitepaper creation, stablecoin development, and consulting help ease your stablecoin journey.


Consultation for Blockchain

Skyach consulting is fueled by the most comprehensive collection of blockchain technology research, tools, and data in the world. Our blockchain development company India will enable you to build a roadmap to success with autonomous advice and aid from our trusted leaders.


Development of MLM Software (Blockchain Based)

You are in safe hands for riding the next wave of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) with Skyach’s blockchain-based MLM platform development solutions. Our white label smart contract based MLM software is developed on Ethereum blockchain which ensures its decentralization, security, transparency, and autonomy. The unshakeable smart contract does tamper-proof calculations and helps you benefit from instantaneous transactions. Your users can thus confidently invest in an MLM project.


Development of Coin

You can reap benefits of Skyach’s strategically-designed coin development services for your digital transactions, to aid in the growth of your business. We offer you a global delivery model with experts helping you to come up with smart strategies keeping strong use cases and implementation in mind. From conceptualization and coin development to deployment and marketing, you can bank upon our real-world experience as we offer you a wide range of services.


Development of Smart Contract

Smart Contract is here to let you automate your agreements, processes, and transactions along with enhancing security and minimizing costs. We offer everything from smart contract design and development to auditing and optimization. The smart contract development process leverages platforms like EOS, Ethereum, and Hyperledger.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange


HTTP Authentication

To help in user verification, we leverage secure HTTP Authentication tokens such as auth.


Encryption of Data

This is done to guard credentials and other confidential information of the users.


Jail Login

This helps avoid multiple failed attempts for a particular amount of time.


Anti-Denial of Service

This guards the exchange from huge requests to the server.


Data Encryption

Encryption of data transmission protects user credentials and other confidential information.


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

This keeps state-changing requests and other unwanted user actions in check.


Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

This helps shield internal systems from attacks caused by pregnable web applications.


HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

This prevents web attacks that make an HTTP request to recover information that is hidden.

Wish to build an entire custom cryptocurrency exchange software from the ground up?

Are you an established organization or a start-up hoping to develop a customized crypto exchange from scratch? Look no further because Skyach is here to help launch your crypto business.

Apart from white label crypto exchange development, we are experts at developing custom exchange platforms from scratch. Leave the brainstorming, designing, development, testing, and deployment in our safe hands.

Be it margin trading, spot trading, or derivatives trading, our services are designed to align with your business needs.

What are the advantages of using our Crypto Exchange Development Services?

Why Choose us


The Technical Procedure

We solely work with Blockchain technology. We specialize in one thing and execute it really well.


Professional Team

We have more than 150 professionals who can help you delicately on your service, offer technological innovations, and even create communities and promotions.


Speedy Evolution

We create services that are customized to your target audience. A well-thought-out plan guarantees that development and implementation go efficiently and successfully.


Regulations and Conformity

We complete all of our projects in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Full Support

Our work does not end after the product is out. We provide a variety of post-delivery services so that you may focus on your business.


Outcomes that are focused on the business

We make a big difference by focusing on growing the platform ecosystem and ensuring constant ROI.

Why Choose skyach Software
Solutions for White Label
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hire us to


The duration of time required to create an exchange is determined by the type of exchange you choose. Though a white label crypto exchange can be deployed in as little as seven days, a custom exchange created from the ground up can take more time to develop.
Security, scalability, and performance are essential components that must be present in every transaction. With all these characteristics, the exchange is considered as a trustworthy option and is more likely to attract new customers.
COVID-19 will have a beneficial digital side effect, as terrible as the pandemic seems. Cryptocurrency, as a virtual money, is considered by governments around the world as a reliable option for limiting the virus’s spread. Furthermore, COVID-19 will encourage bitcoin adoption, resulting in an increase in the number of crypto investments around the nation.
You can profit from a variety of revenue streams as the owner of a cryptocurrency exchange, including withdrawal fees, trading commissions, and integrating an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) into your platform to enable begin to introduce their crypto coins/tokens on your platform for a fee planned by you.
The price is entirely dependent on the elements you wish to include in your swap. Developing a white label crypto exchange, on the other hand, takes less time and money than creating a custom exchange from beginning.
SSL implementation, encrypted user access, two-factor authentication, automatic limitations on fund withdrawal, and other security measures can all be added into an exchange to strengthen its security paradigm.

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